The end of summer has gone and the colder weather is starting to set in. A picture of tonight’s moon, added to the Pic’s. Just a word about stuff. Buster is sick with kidney problems. He is here with me at my computer laying down, curled up and resting. Just chilling out here. Rolling over and around, and laying his paws on my hands. He is 14 now. He has been with me for a long time, and to be honest, he is the closest living being I have to me at the moment. He has never turned his love away from me. He is the most loyal being I have in my life. I am sad he is growing old. He needs more care and special attention than I have had to give to him since he was a little kitten. He grew big right away, in a year or two. And he grew bigger and more loving and beautiful as years have passed. Now I can’t believe it is Autumn in time, and also in the years we will have. I do not look forward to when it will be his time to go. I am sad thinking about it. He is everything to me. He has been by my side and never faltered in the Love he has. I cherish the future now more than ever. I wish I could describe adequately the feel of his head laying on my hand right now. His touch is soft and light on my fingers. His eyes closed, he rests his head with that look that says ‘I am so perfectly at home right now, I have all I need and I am safe and whole here with you my friend’. It is the presence of Love. And I wish I could hold onto this for ever. I will never be the same again for having known him.

New Mixes

I have added all new mixes for the music. I think there is a big improvement. Winter Harvest is older so I had to work from master stereo files, but the balance is a lot better and I think the detail is to. The effort has also payed off with the Post Fallen tunes, they still lack a bass, but I hope to get to that soon. Meanwhile I am busy at work on another. Keep watch. Play these on a good stereo. I hope to have some disks and usb sticks available at some point.

Also I have added a few new photo’s of Brassua Lake in Maine and a couple of shots from atop the hill in Jackman, heading back down Rt. 11 to Skowhegan. Moose Alley.

Peace and Love, Lonnie. 🙂

Friday night…

I have added a new song to the Post Fallen song list. Give it a listen. And as always your comments are welcome.

It is quiet here at the ranch tonight. Buster and I have been busy here in the studio. He naps and I plug away. As a matter of fact he just jumped up in front of the computer screen. He won’t go without some attention for very long. so before he walks on the keyboard I will say good bye. All is well here in Port Clinton. Peace & Love, Lonnie. 🙂

Sunday Night

All is well, I had such a mellow weekend, it is comfortable here in the studio. I fell like recording but it is to late for that. I will wait till tomorrow to redo some vocals and work some guitar into a new piece. A song I wrote a number of years ago that has been sitting around. I play it now and then but have never got past a cassette tape for safe keeping. At one time I played it often at open mikes and such. I am such a night owl that sometimes it gets in the way of working on something since I live in a small apartment. But it is good for editing and mixing, quiet work with headphones. Buster is napping on the bed and peace has settled over the ranch. If you stop in leave a hello just so I know you where here. Lonnie.

Late tonight-Early this morning?

Gratitude is a wonderful thing. I am thankful to everyone who took the time to stop by here and see my work. I should say hear. A little music can go a long way. A friend said today in a post, music is a healing thing. That is so true. It can change a mood in a matter of minutes and trigger a dream in a second. It has a quality that surpasses the conscious road blocks that can keep us from a graceful life. All those corny themes from the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland break free. And it happens. Peace & Love Lonnie. 🙂